Wall art: travel dreaming

Hi guys! Happy New Year! I know I haven’t published anything in months and honestly I was thinking about letting the blog “disappear”, however I realised that although I am busy I still like to create new DIY projects and tutorials every now and then. So in 2016 I’m back. I won’t promise to keep…

Extra Light Pesto Recipe

Hi guys! This is a little different from my usual posts, since I’ve never shared a recipe before – I love cooking but I am usually lazy, so I prefer making other people recipes that I know will turn out great:) Pesto however, is different: I’ve been making it for years and friends and family…

Beads and Fabric Bracelet Tutorial

Although I love bracelets, I rarely wear them in winter. With summer approaching I enter the “jewelry making” season, where I usually experiment with this craft, making a few new bracelets, earrings and necklaces. A couple of weeks ago I had some fabric left from a skirt (the blue one with the polka dots) and…

Sea of Poppies

Poppies, poppies, poppies everywhere… recently I’ve seen thousands of them in the most unexpected places, but it looks like most people don’t even notice them, so I took my camera to immortalize their beauty 🙂

Word Puzzle Canvas

A few years ago (before smartphones, tablets and ereaders) sometimes I spent my commuting time doing crosswords, sudokus and word puzzles… Now I have so many electronic devices that when I’m not sleeping or chatting with a friend I’m usually reading or using social networks, but I still love word games and they inspired me…


Lisbon, December 2009

Bookish DIY: eReader Case

One year ago, for my 25th birthday, I received a kindle and I totally love it. It allows me to read all the books I want in English or Spanish without waiting days before receiving them and I can bring it everywhere. I always (ok, almost always) have it with me, usually lost in a…

Learning to Knit: My First Scarf

A few weeks ago I was browsing the stalls at my local market when I saw some colorful balls of yarn. I had never knit before, but the wool was so soft and beautiful that I immediately thought “why don’t I try?” So I bought the wool and the needles and looked for instructions on youtube. I watched tens of videos and I started, took apart what I had done and re-started twenty times but I finally stumbled upon some videos for dummies with simple explanations and I managed to finish my scarf.

Wall Art: letters on Canvas

As you might have noticed I’m partial to re-using colorful scraps of papers and reassemble them in creative ways (along the years I’ve made everything, from a cover for my smartphone to an IKEA night stand makeover), this canvas is the last project I made:)

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello bloggin friends! I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Amanda at AmandaSays. It’s the second award I received, after the Liebster award a few weeks ago and it always surprises me the support I receive from the community, thank you guys! And, above all, thank you Amanda, go check her blog, it’s wonderful!

Projects I like: 10 Last Minute Valentine DIY Ideas

Hi guys! When it comes to holidays and anniversaries I’m a terrible procastinator and I usually buy presents or decorate the house just a few days or hours before the party or celebration, so I’m always looking for last minute ideas… here is a round up of easy and quick diy projects I found on other blogs:)

Puzzle Pieces Photo Holder

As I promised last week, I’m back with a new idea to repurpose old puzzle pieces – and also an excuse to create another photo holder and hang up more pictures in my room:)

Supplies: puzzle pieces, poster paint or acrylic paint, paintbrush, scissors, small magnets, floral wire, super glue or white glue, a small piece of flower wrapping net.

Easy DIY: Jigsaw Puzzle Bookmarks

As a kid I loved putting together jigsaw puzzles. Recently, tidying my room, I found a box of spare pieces and they inspired me to create new crafts:)

Liebster Award

Hi guys! First of all, I want to thank Sophie at sophievmace, Estefania at Jasmines and Honey and Charline at Charline Has a Blog for nominating me, having started my blog less than two months ago your support means a lot to me:)

Valentine DIY: Memo Holder Plant

I’m extremely messy and I usually have my most brilliant ideas at random moments, especially at night or in the shower, so I have memos basically everywhere (I also keep a stack of post-it and a pen on my night stand)… this is a project I made to collect them and display some photos:)

Projects I like: 10 DIY Ideas for Book Lovers

The blogging community is incredible! Everyday browsing Bloglovin, Pinterest, Wordpress I discover new amazing bloggers and projects that I want to realize and inspire me to experiment with new ideas and create original objects. So I decided to share with you some of the projects I like, this is the first post and it’s for all the book lovers:)

Travel Dreaming: Cities Mug

I’ve always loved travelling, and being a creative person with a strong immagination I often wonder off, daydreaming. So, during High School, instead of studying I spent a lot of time doodling the names of all the cities I would love to visit on my notebook. Growing up I’ve been in some of those places and I also lived abroad, but the wish to travel is still pretty strong, so, for all the times I wish I’d been somewhere else, I created this mug:)

Supplies: porcelain mug (I used a very cheap IKEA white mug), porcelain paint or porcelain marker, oven.

Quick DIY: Gift Tags Bookmarks

This Christmas I wanted to create some gift tags that could be used throughout the year instead of being “beautiful, but forgotten”, so, on the 24th of December I came up with these idea of gift tags – bookmarks. Since they were a last minute project, they’re pretty quick to make:)

Supplies: poster board, glue, scissors, magazine pages, ribbon (or paper thread, raffia,…), hole punch (if you don’t have it, use the point of the scissors), pen, pencil and ruler.

Bookish DIY: Book Key Chain with Quotes

I love reading, so I started thinking, why not combine my love for books and stories with my love for crafts? If you love books too, this the first post of my Bookish DIY series:)

Supplies: thin felt (mine was 1.5 mm thick), fabric scraps, scissors, thread and needle, embroidery thread and needle, ribbon, fabric marker or permanent marker, clear nail polish, pins, ruler or measuring tape.

Heart Notebooks

I love notebooks, I keep them everywhere and I always carry one with me – just in case I have a new wonderful idea or I need to jot down a shopping list:) So I like creating new ones, possibly using cheap or recycled materials. This idea was born as greeting cards (and you could still make them, simply skip passages 1-4), but, knowing my notebook obsession, I couldn’t avoid transforming them into small notebooks.

Supplies: corrugated paper, paper (graph, lined or plain) of your chosen size. Remember, the pages will be folded in half, embroidery thread and needle, awl, scissors, magazine pages, super glue or hot glue, paper thread (or ribbons, raffia thread,… ), pencil.

Christmas Felt Garland

Last weekend my family and I decorated our home for the holidays and since I can never have too many decorations and I love to create something new each year, I made these garlands:)

Paper Christmas Tree Memo Holder

As a kid I loved decorating the Christmas Tree, so this year, along with the traditional one, I made these little trees with old newspapers to use as memo or photo holder, I hope you like them:)

Supplies: newspapers (or magazines, old notebooks, old books… ), scissors, super glue or hot glue, Styrofoam or floral foam, wire memo clips or wooden skewers and mini pegs, awl, small terracotta pots.

Photo Frame Notebooks

I’ve already confessed my notebooks addiction and I love taking pictures… so, why not combine these two things to create Photo Frame Notebooks?

Supplies: corrugated paper, paper (graph, lined or plain) of your chosen size. Remember, the pages will be folded in half, embroidery thread and needle, awl, scissors, box cutter, pencil, photos.

Old Jeans Key Chains

A few weeks ago I was trying to make some room in my closet and I found some very old jeans that I will never use again but I couldn’t stand throwing them away, so I started thinking about some easy projects to recycle them, this is the first one.
I made three different key chains, however feel free to create your own version and if you want post a picture in the comments:)