Easy DIY: Jigsaw Puzzle Bookmarks

puzzle bookmarksAs a kid I loved putting together jigsaw puzzles. Recently, tidying my room, I found a box of spare pieces and they inspired me to create new projects:)

puzzle bookmark supplies2Supplies:

  • jigsaw puzzle pieces
  • poster paint or acrylic paint
  • paper clips
  • super glue or white glue
  • paintbrush
  • a small piece of flower wrapping net

Occorrente: pezzetti di puzzle; colori a tempera o acrilici; graffette; colla vinilica o attac; pennello; un pezzetto di rete usata per avvolgere i fiori.

How to Make It / Realizzazione

puzzle bookmark 1bPaint the jigsaw puzzle pieces:
1. Apply a coat of white paint and let it dry.
2. Apply a coat of your favourite colour and let it dry.
3. To create the “net/dots effect”, put the flower wrapping net on top of the puzzle piece and apply a coat of your chosen colour. Remove the net and let it dry.

Dipingete i pezzetti del puzzle:
1. Colorate i pezzetti di bianco e lasciate asciugare.
2. Colorate i pezzetti del colore che preferite e lasciate asciugare.
3. Per ottenere l’effetto che ho ricreato io, sovrapponete la rete per fiori al pezzetto di puzzle, tenendola con le man,i e, tamponando con il pennello, applicate il colore che preferite. Sollevate la retina e lasciate asciugare.

puzzle bookmark2b


4. Glue the paperclip on the back of the jigsaw puzzle piece.

4. Incollate la graffetta sul retro del pezzetto di puzzle.


These bookmarks are extremely easy to make, if you liked them, come back next Tuesday for the next jigsaw puzzle pieces project:)


xx Elena

2 Comments Add yours

  1. These are adorable! I’m definitely going to make these


    1. Elena says:

      thank you, I’m glad you liked them:)

      Liked by 1 person

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