Wall Art: letters on Canvas

wall art1As you might have noticed I’m partial to re-using colorful scraps of papers and reassemble them in creative ways (along the years I’ve made everything, from a cover for my smartphone to an IKEA night stand makeover), this canvas is the last project I made:)

wall art supplies


  • canvas (mine is 20×20 cm)
  • acrylic paint or poster paint
  • magazine pages or colorful scraps of papers
  • scissors
  • white glue

Occorrente: tela (la mia misura 20×20 cm); colori acrilici o a tempera; pagine di riviste o cataloghi; forbici, colla vinilica.


How to Make It / Realizzazione:

wall art base


1. Paint the canvas and let it dry.

Dipingete la tela e lasciatela asciugare.







wall art letters

2. Cut from the magazine pages or the scraps of paper the letters you need to form your chosen words. Here you can download a template with the letters I used.

Ritagliate dalle pagine delle riviste le lettere che vi serviranno per formare le parole che avete scelto. Qui potete scaricare un pdf con le lettere che ho usato io.






wall art

3. Place the letters on the canvas and try styling them in different ways to find out how best to display them. When you’re happy with the result paste them on the canvas.

Mettete le lettere sulla tela e provate a posizionarle in maniera diversa, finché non siete soddisfatte del risultato. Incollate le lettere una a una.


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