Learning to Knit: My First Scarf


A few weeks ago I was browsing the stalls at my local market when I saw some colorful balls of yarn. I had never knit before, but the wool was so soft and beautiful that I immediately thought “why don’t I try?” So I bought the wool and the needles and looked for instructions on youtube. I watched tens of videos and I started, took apart what I had done and re-started twenty times but I finally stumbled upon some videos for dummies with simple explanations and I managed to finish my scarf.

Being March, maybe is a litlle late to start knitting, but in case you’re thinking about learning how to knit something for next winter, I’ve decided to share with you the videos I found useful, so maybe you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right videos.

Learning to knit can be a little a tricky and at the beginning of my scarf I was so slow that I thought about quitting, however, once I had it figured out, I found it relaxing and, being a scarf, it didn’t require much thinking, so I could knit while watching TV, listening to podcasts or chatting on Skype. And I managed to finish the scarf before winter ended;)

So here are the videos:

Cast on:

The Knit Stitch:

The Purl Stitch:

Cast off:

For my scarf I alternated one row of knit stitch and one row of purl stitch. However I always started and ended the row with a knit stitch, since I read somewhere that it prevents the edges of the scarf from curling.

Since you need to practice a little to be confident, I suggest you make a small 10×10 cm square before starting with the scarf, so you can appreciate how the final work will look like. And you’ll avoid taking apart three hours worth of knitting, like I did when I realised that the needles I had used where too thin;)


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  1. Jana says:

    Congrats to your first scarf and thank you very much for sharing this post. I am so scared of knitting that I’ve never tried it so far. But here it does not look difficult at all. I might should give it a try… 😉 Love how the scarf turned out. Best, Jana



    1. Elena says:

      Thank you Jana! You should definitely give it a try, once you get started it’s pretty easy:) xx Elena


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