Extra Light Pesto Recipe

Pesto LightHi guys!
This is a little different from my usual posts, since I’ve never shared a recipe before – I love cooking but I am usually lazy, so I prefer making other people recipes that I know will turn out great:) Pesto however, is different: I’ve been making it for years and friends and family used to tell me “it is good but it is too rich, please don’t use garlic, don’t use too much oil,….” So last year I made this extra light version, and since it pleased a lot of people I thought I’d share it with you:)

Ingredients (4 servings of pasta):

30 g Basil leaves
75 g Parmesan
30 g Pine Nuts
14 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Wash the basil leaves and let them dry on a dishcloth.
2. Put the Parmesan (cut in small pieces), the pine nuts and half the olive oil in a mixer bowl. Mix for 40-50 seconds.
3. Add the basil leaves and the remaining olive oil. Mix for 60 seconds.

You can keep the pesto in the fridge up to 2 days or froze it.

Ingredienti (per 4 porzioni di pasta):

30g di foglie di basilico
75g di parmigiano
30g di pinoli
14 cucchiai da tavola di olio d’oliva


1. Lavare le foglie di basilico sotto l’acqua corrente e lasciarle asciugare su un canovaccio.
2. Nel mixer frullare il grana a pezzetti con i pinoli e metà dell’olio per 40-50 secondi.
3. Aggiungere le foglie di basilico e il restante olio d’oliva e frullare per altri 60 secondi, o finché non avrà raggiunto la consistenza desiderata.

É possibile conservare il pesto in frigo per massimo due giorni, in un contenitore chiuso ermeticamente o congelarlo immediatamente.


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